Valedictorian & Kappa Gamma Pi


The valedictorian is the student who has the honor and the responsibility of delivering a message to fellow graduates. While traditionally the valedictorian has been selected on the basis of academic excellence (a minimum of a 3.70 GPA is required) and instructional involvement, the role also calls for a graduate who has meaningful message that is well prepared for delivery. Applicants should give special attention to the content and presentation of their proposed address.

Application and selection process

Valedictorian materials are due Monday, March 4, 2019 — no exceptions to this date. Potential valedictorians must submit an application, three to six nominations, and a draft of the address. Expand the section below for details and links.


    Valedictorian process details and links

    1. A student or faculty member initiates the process by completing the online Valedictorian Nomination Form using and select Dean of Students Office, under Organizations.
    2. The Nominee must include (on the same application form) a draft of a FIVE MINUTE address which he or she would like to present at Commencement.
    3. Students can ask faculty, staff and/or other Detroit Mercy students to nominate him or her for this honor. A minimum of three (3) nomination forms must be submitted for each candidate; a maximum of six (6) nominations will be accepted. Nominations must be submitted via the online Valedictorian Application Form using and select Dean of Students Office, under Organizations.
    4. A selection committee consisting of faculty, staff and student members will review application materials. Finalists will be invited within two weeks for an interview and presentation of the draft of their address.

Kappa Gamma Pi Membership

Kappa Gamma Pi is national Catholic college graduate honor society for current students who qualify for graduation or graduated with honors (3.30 or better at the time of application) and who have demonstrated outstanding scholarship, service achievement, faith commitment and leadership ability as undergraduates — students who have further pledged themselves to continued leadership in service and faith. Women and men of various faith commitments are eligible.

Application process

Applications and fees for Kappa Gamma Pi membership must be submitted NO LATER than Thursday, February 28, 2019 (no exceptions to this date).

  • Application: Use the online Kappa Gamma Pi Membership form using and select Dean of Students Office, under Organizations, Forms.
  • Fees: See the application form for required fees. You may pay by check or money order to the Dean of Students Office.  Cash and credit cards are not accepted. If they do not have your payment, we cannot process your application.

If you have additional questions, please contact or call 313.993.1028.